About Us

Paul Bartolini

Hi, my name is Paul Bartolini. My goal for all of my projects is to curate a living experience for my clients by listening to their needs and developing creative solutions for every space. I have a wide range of experience in working within both large and small budgets. Either way, your dreams are my dreams. I design not with my ego, but with your vision, dreams, and desires, as well as your bottom line. I achieve this with communication, with you, the client, as well as your builder, cabinet maker, landscaper, etc. I design with a philosophy expressing a harmonious relationship between living space and locale, blending structure and setting without imposing one upon the other, aided by the use of “Green” building practices whenever possible.
We are a “Full-Service Company”, in that we have in-house structural and civil engineering staff as well as an Interior Designer with over 25 years of experience. Our company has a combined overall level of experience of almost 75 years, ensuring your project is done on time and to the highest standards utilizing modern construction methods. Our construction documents make it easy to get reliable bids from contractors and subcontractors. Thank you for taking the time to consider how great design can change or improve your quality of life.